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Do you remember the best gift you ever got for Christmas?  Was it a special doll or a train set?  Did you share your gifts as a child?  Did you have to share them with your siblings?  Some people appreciate Christmas as children because it’s the only time of the year that they really got gifts, or something new.  Whether you were a kid who was fortunate enough to receive gifts on a regular basis, or if you got new things once a year, we can all point out which one seemed the best to us as a child.

During the holidays we gather with family and become sentimental.  We trim trees and host parties. We extend our credit and look for last minute steals.  Many people say that it’s better to give than to receive during the holidays. So what do you have to give other than what you get for you children or secret Santa at work?  Yourself.

The greatest gift that you will ever have is your own self. You never run out of yourself. You never break on Christmas day like a new toy does.  You aren’t too expensive.   People forget what a commodity they personally are, one to another.  We often recognize the value in costly, coveted items, but we seldom see the truth of what we have to offer.

Each of us is given a set of attributes, which is our character. The idiosyncrasies of our personality are our personal gifts to the world.  Our laughs, our smiles, our words are good for anyone we can share them with.  We all have had those times that we remain quiet –  when we encounter someone in a checkout line or exchange glances passing someone on the street.  Few people stop to say hello and acknowledge others present around them. This disengagement pulls the races and generation’s and classes farther apart.

What can it hurt to share a moment connecting with someone else?  The more we see the value in ourselves, and the gifts of our being, we can share and create a society that’s more loving and at peace.  Emotions, like anger, hate and frustration manifest and become like a physical force. That force chokes and holds us.  That presence makes us sick, creates a shield and unable to receive the best of life.

This holiday season try giving the gift that doesn’t come with a tag or receipt.  Give someone yourself – your love, your time, your spirit.  We need one another.  That’s the best gift ever!

RICHARD ELLIOTT is a NYC based writer who endeavors to involve himself in programming & activities which improve the quality of life for all. Follow Richard on Twitter: @mohguhl | Facebook: /TheMOHGUHL | YouTube: mohguhlvideo

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